suspended the DisneyDream spam bots

dev console snippet for admins:
Account.where(username: 'DisneyDream').find_each &:suspend!

ā€” :blobgoat:

"Free world building idea: Wizards have the same trust in magic that software designers have in software, which is to say, almost none at all."

if you made a lycanroc hold a honedge in their mouth, would that make them a legendary pokemon

Hey everyone, #Florence is looking for some people to look over our current CoC draft, and to make our "living document" into something usable.

If you'd like to contribute in such a way (this is a very good non-coder task), reach out to us here, or on our chat if you've joined there!

3-5 new eyes on these documents would be great!

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you know, that shit about the tech bros archiving without consent makes me really just want to make all my posts followers only. that's really the only way you can stop that stuff, just shut yourself off from the public TL. and frankly, I shouldn't have to do that just so I'm not paranoid some probably cis het man who doesn't have to deal with harassment can ignore the fact they're making a database to get information on marginalised people who can be attacked

Moi, essayant de montrer que je m'y connais en fantastique : "ah oui Lovecraft, le mec qui Ć©crivait sur des gens qui perdent la raison en essayant de comprendre des regex"

PokƩmon Gilet Jaune et PokƩmon Foulard Rouge

One thing I love about being into Floraverse: no worries about Disney voring it just to shit it out later like they apparently love to do with series that run on pure emotion

Done (patreon but public post):
Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

For the flag ones, feel free to ask if you want other ones.

I can do other modification if you are a patreon or for šŸ’ø . Or you can modify them or ask somebody else to do that: the license allows it.

If someone use them please let me know, it makes me happier. ^^

It's called Pulcino Gelsomino, Jasmine the Chick.

#commission open btw
#art #chick #creativeCommons #emoji #emojos

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Et voilƠ petit dragon violet terminƩ !

Je fais ces dragons (couleurs au choix) pour 45ā‚¬ (+5ā‚¬ de frais de port hors France) :)

Patron par

RT apprƩciƩs

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