I've had this idea for a while of making a "Suricrasia Online Demo Disk" that contains a windows 2000 program that is like the AOL browser, plus a bunch of other fun things

Hey howcome Dwarf Fortress calls your leaders "nobles" and not "uristocrats"

Go没tez notre triangle de sierpinski aux amandes, it茅r茅 main.

hey pal come here i wanna chat with you

Bloqu茅 dans le train juste avant la gare dans laquelle je sors car celui 脿 quai qui est juste devant est tomb茅 en panne...

Belated #Inktober day four, #spell!

#Mismagius has that anime ojou-sama laugh and you can't convince me otherwise

How are "Hug" Activities not a thing in #ActivityPub

How can I send hugs (only to those that want hugs).

ActivityStreams extension here we come.

I forgot to make a post on here too.. but I made some new hoodies and opened them for preorder on my store hellotoday.coffee !

Mastodon, I need your help 馃檹.
The Wakeful Hoodie campaign has 7 days left. We need ~10 more backers. Maybe some of you 242,041 Mastodon users out there might want to have one of them?: indiegogo.com/projects/wakeful
Boosts are much appreciated 鉂わ笍. #art #illustration #fashion #wolf #colorful

Just a little something that came to my mind that I just had to put to page...

the future we wanted: *smooth robot voice* your housing unit is clean, sirs

the future we got: *roomba gets itself stuck under the coffee table by knocking the hot pads off and then running over them and then whines at my phone in computer*

MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Ritual Pilgrimage Game)


wow! I forgot to post this here! it's the Seeds finale cover, The Show Must Go On.

I'm so excited to share it with everyone

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