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Ă  propos des CW lewd/NSFW 

We need to start winning the propaganda war. We don't need to convert Centrists and Libs, but we need to make them know Fascists are the real enemies.

Centuries of red scare and propaganda means you can't lead with how great Marx or Kroptkin is. You have to scare them with what would happen to them in a Fascist regime.

Empathy is not a sentiment, but a strategy: we need to understand the narratives Libs and Centrists live by, and create an alternative one that shows how their way of life will be ruined by Fascism and uncontrolled Capitalism.

There's no insurgency without community support. You can't raise a revolutionary army if the people aren't on your side. Re-educate people about leftist and progressive values is a slow and grueling process, but ultimately a necessary one.

Revolutions are ultimately won by ideas. Ideas are bulletproof. Ideas are the sparks that will reignite a new revolution when the last one fail.

This Signal kills Fascists. Repeat the Signal.

Bon je partage ça parce que c'est important quand mĂŞme. TLDR : le librem 5 de purism est dans la grosse merde financièrement et plus gĂ©nĂ©ralement Ă  l'air de foncer dans le mur. (et ils ont fait pas mal d'autres conneries, cf. les articles)

Comme le serveur Ă  l'air d'avoir du mal je vous met un miroir depuis mon wallabag :
Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Part 3 :

software is not sexy
please do not fuck the software

SNCF : Facebook restreint les comptes des syndicats SUD Rail et CGT cheminots.

« Tout a commencé vendredi matin, quand nous avons relayé l'appel à déposer un droit de retrait après l'accident dans les Ardennes, raconte Fabien Villedieu, délégué SUD Rail. Quand on a voulu publier des communiqués ou des articles de presse sur cet événement, un message apparaissait pour nous informer que ces trois comptes étaient limités. »

When you're bold along with someone. You're co-bold

L'hymen et la virginité, cet énorme mensonge auquel tout le monde croit, et qui ne sert qu'à assoire la domination des hommes.

spent the better part of the day theming my phone's home screen...

Oneiric Ocelot (inspired by Ubuntu release 11.10) just awakened from a dream about cake and is ready to party. #ubuntu 🎂 💕 #art #illustration #mastoart

hear me out: you and your friend both get like three minutes to design a shitty ikea layout with a set of building blocks. Then you're dropped in first person into each other's ikea and you're both given the same list of random objectives like "check out the sinks", "measure a couch", "bother an employee", "touch a plush shark", and the first one to finish them all wins

I will post some Ubuntu animals this week to celebrate 15 years of #Ubuntu 🎂. Starting with "Wily Werewolf" - Inspired by Ubuntu release 15.10 💕. #krita #art #illustration #mastoart

Je viens de découvrir le projet OpenEmoji.
Un projet de set d’émojis indépendant et libre de droit, initié par des étudiants d'une école d'art allemande.
➡️ ⬅️ here's the code! stick it at the end of your .bashrc file if you wanna try it. i also made it so you can set SMOLFACE=1 or SMOLFACE=0 to turn on or off the small version

it could definitely be cleaner but if i wanted this to be Product-Quality Code it'd be patreon exclusive or something

J'ai vu un affiche pour un nouveau film Terminator à la gare. À quand un remake furry Terminotaur ?

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