Oh, what a fair day it is~!
Sun and sky -- staplers pumping;
Dogs that boof mistaken for groans;
A man's red thumb glistening with blood.
If only I had a lesser ear,
I'd think it true that his stapler sheared.

Another big day, already I'm spent!
And more spent I'll be, I work until dusk.
₊ᷝ (

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I say all these words but my tongue is all numb.

Just call it some practice until I've got motive!

I haven't the foggiest clue what you're saying;

Perhaps that's to do with the fact you aren't speaking.

One hundred percent is my bestest twopence.

But others, they racket, "One hundred and ten!"

I keep seeing critters write "ngl" here.

I think that it means "Neon's girlfriend Lily"!!

This is my headmate's face and it is so weird to me because thats it thats her entire visage there is no rest of it

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