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lewd, directed at reader, subby 

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Hi, I'm [redacted] better known as cabbit - (the second b is silent) - but I'll answer to Alice if you need to use a name.

I pick locks, work for multiple charities, cook and bake, read and I have dental insurance in 2018 .

I DM a themed 5e campaign, play darksouls/skyrim on the switch, and live in a room smaller and draftier than a shoe-box.

I am a polyamorus pan-sexual trans girl with weird moods about my bodily and mental integrity at times. (sometimes in a nsfw way)

panicing, e-begging 

not a subtoot, but it's about my feelings and how not to hurt them 

worst pick up line ever, lewd 

lewd, directed at reader, subby 

mastodon is just Pokemon go for collecting poly trans girls

so hey I'm seeing a lot of people posting about really bad mental health thoughts tonight and like, I totally understand, sometimes things feel really bleak

but have you considered: continuing to exist out of spite for the things that make you feel bad?

look the things that have you feeling worthless straight in the eye and say, "Fuck you, you're not my mom."

I mean unless one of those things is your mom in which case say something else.

Anyway. The world is better with you around. 💜

some shit, anxiety 

all of my friends are sodomites and I love them deeply

I just spent like two hours in trance and I'm in heaven

me when I'm offline for weeks: gets tons of new followers and interation
me when I return: silence

@link link is so many genders and i luv them so much??? it's rly cool that there's a canon kinda-genderless character that everyone can project on like that. and they're so pretty and/or handsome wtf

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