Rillaboom is Greg Universe's fursona, don't @ me


when you watch Frozen 2 and hear "Into The Unknown" and all you can think is Over the Garden Wall

Green Eggs and Ham AU where everything is the same but Sam drives with his ass cheeks holding the steering wheel

absolutely fuck the "winter is coming and the bugs are going back to hell where they belong" meme because NO what ACTUALLY happens is now the hell bugs are in the house and free from their natural predators so good fucking luck gettimg rid of them without also killing your own pets

if any Pokemon SHOULD say its own name, it's Wooloo.

"She made me breakfast" joins "Good luck, Beep Boop" on the list of saddest four words in cartoons


Hollow Knight is hilarious to crossover because the bosses are so big and intimidating compared to the tiny knight but you put them next to a regular-sized person and they're just cute like kittens that think they're big cats

I wanna draw Sam-I-Am because he a cute but Seuss furry face is hard to draw

Michellee is the most terrifying character in the whole show right now because FUCK YOU I SAW THAT EPISODE OF BLACK MIRROR

meanwhile Sam has so much Wander energy I can't not trust him and want to be his friend

why does every Green Eggs and Ham episode have to end on a cliffhanger and make me want to go to the next one right away when there's only one season

I'm gonna make an OC named Boomer that just assumes people are shutting him down every time they tell him "ok"

Dr. Seuss fans: You can't make a whole series about one book

Netflix: Hold my beer

Humans: You can't take earthly riches into the afterlife when you die

Hollow Knight: bitch, watch me

TP Link: *nice to animals, and listens to them talk when he's a wolf*

BotW Link: *just fucking murders all the wildlife*

thing I've learned from the community: art, and general existence, becomes a lot more meaningful and less restrictive when you let yourself draw what you actually feel and not just what other people want you to feel. Not just for yourself, but for everyone who looks at your art and suddenly realizes they're not the only ones with the same problems.

hard part about getting new Switch games: closing out of Hollow Knight long enough to play anything else

people talk about caged birds as a metaphor for being trapped; meanwhile I can't blame my actual bird for wanting to stay in his cage when it's basically a mansion compared to mine

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