Koroks are cute but I'm still mad we don't have Deku Scrubs in BotW. Those are the plant people that have my heart.

I fucking love Majora's Mask so much, too... that game was phenomenal at making me emotionally invested in all those NPCs

you don't know how happy-sad it made me to look at BotW's map and see adjacent lakes named after Mikau and Lulu. There's some Ray/Evangeline from Princess and the Frog energy there.

It still bugs me that Zora's heads are entire fish bodies. But also Sidon is absolutely the ideal fish boyfriend.

I really love some of BotW's species design choices, like, Zoras have little penguin legs, Lizalfos are chameleons, Ritos are upright birds exactly how I like to draw anthro-ish birds and also not that creepy beak-nose-human-mouth Xavier: Renegade Angel kind of shit Wind Waker had

tfw Adventure Time ended a whole year ago and you just now remembered Simon has a fucking candy heart

Life is like an aeroplaaane
Here in Duckburg
Airplanes, airplanes, aeroplaaanes
It's a duck blur

this game is disturbing and bloody 

this game is disturbing and bloody 

Bad Dream: Coma is a spooky game that punishes you for killing birds and that made me love it right away. Please respect birds.

bullshit cross stitch thing: one-strand confetti

just remembered one of my favorite Adventure Time episodes is the one where Ice King helps an island break up with her boyfriend the disembodied flying wolf head

steven universe movie 

Steven Universe movie 

Steven Universe movie 

A reminder:

Please use CWs for stuff relating to Steven Universe: The Movie, as not all of us are gonna be watching it live.


nominates Little Cato for "Fictional Character Who Most Needs To Say Fuck"

some fuckin Stranger Things shit going on in Final Space

Pillowfort would be okay if I didn't get the feeling most of the people on there would instantly shit out callout posts if there wasn't a rule against it

all I do is shitpost because there's nowhere I feel okay posting art anymore

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